Olá, I'm Diogo Vaz.

I'm a Portuguese researcher and artist based in San Sebastián, Spain.


Designing and nanofabricating a new type of logic device with Intel for beyond CMOS technologies based on nanoscale magnets.

Exploring spin-charge current conversion in highly resistive spin-orbit materials, under European-funded project SPECTER.

now_ Research Fellow, CIC nanoGUNE, Spain
2018_ PhD Physics, Sorbonne Université, France
2015_ MSc Nanotechnology Engineering, FCT-UNL, Portugal

Research Articles


D. C. Vaz et al., Functional Demonstration of a Fully Integrated Magneto-Electric Spin-Orbit Device, IEEE IEDM, 32.4.1 (2021)

F. Calavalle et al., Gate-tuneable and chirality-dependent charge-to-spin conversion in tellurium nanowires, Nature Materials 21, 526–532 (2022)

US Patent App. 17/418,667 (2022) - Electronic device, digital port, analog component, and method for generating a voltage

Noël et al., Non-volatile electric control of spin–charge conversion in a SrTiO3 Rashba system, Nature 580, 483–486 (2020)

D. C. Vaz et al., Mapping spin–charge conversion to the band structure in a topological oxide two-dimensional electron gas, Nature Materials 18, 1187–1193 (2019)


LAGU (live) / nov 2021 / installation
Generative audio-visual system controlled by the weather. Residency at Tabakalera within Summer Sessions 2021 program.

LAGU / mar 2021 / javascript + sound
Generative audio system controlled by the weather. See the code here . I also gave a short talk about it at nanoGUNE's PhD workshop 2021.

choices_irl / oct 2017 / video + sound
Audio-visual storytelling through shapes and color. Video reacts to particular audio channels.

Part of All / aug 2014 / sound
Collection of experiments from 2012-2014.