Olá, I'm Diogo Vaz.

2024 / Adviser, Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Lisbon, Portugal

2022 / Research Fellow, CIC nanoGUNE, San Sebastián, Spain

2018 / PhD Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France

2015 / MSc Nanotechnology Engineering, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Research Highlights

D. C. Vaz et al., Voltage-based magnetization switching and reading in magnetoelectric spin-orbit nanodevices
Nature Communications 15, 1902 (2024)

F. Calavalle et al., Gate-tuneable and chirality-dependent charge-to-spin conversion in tellurium nanowires
Nature Materials 21, 526–532 (2022)

US Patent App. 17/418,667 (2022) - Electronic device, digital port, analog component, and method for generating a voltage

Noël et al., Non-volatile electric control of spin–charge conversion in a SrTiO3 Rashba system
Nature 580, 483–486 (2020)

D. C. Vaz et al., Mapping spin–charge conversion to the band structure in a topological oxide two-dimensional electron gas
Nature Materials 18, 1187–1193 (2019)

M. Jamet, D. C. Vaz, et al., Beyond-CMOS: State of the Art and Trends
Chapter 5 - Two-Dimensional Spintronics (2023)

Research Projects

> Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship
Spin-charge conversion in highly resistive spin-orbit materials - SPECTER (European Commission)

> Intel Corp. Research Grant
Designing and nanofabricating a new type of logic device for beyond CMOS technologies based on nanoscale magnets, through the integration of electrical-based magnetic switching and spin-to-charge conversion.

> Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades
Spin Control And Related effects at interFACES and heterostructures - SCARFACE (Gobierno de España)

> Agence National de la Recherche
OxIde-based SpinOrbitronics - OISO (République Française)

> European Research Council
Emerging electronic states and devices based on Mott insulator interfaces - MINT (European Commission)

Communications Highlights

> The potential of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface for spintronics (invited)
MRS Spring Meeting 2017, Phoenix, AZ (USA)

> Magnetization Switching and Reading in Magnetoeletric Spin-Orbit Nanodevices at Room Temperature
MRS Fall Meeting 2022, Boston, MA (USA)

> Seminar on Magnetoelectric Spin-Orbit Logic Devices
MIT, 2022, Boston, MA (USA) - slides

> From TradSci to DeSci: a sensible approach
ETHPorto, 2023, Porto (Portugal) - video

> What is DeSci? Implications of Web3 in scientific research and collaboration
Poolside Talks, 2022, Lisbon (Portugal)

> Weather-controlled generative music. Relation and Coexistance of Science & Art
nanoGUNE PhD Workshop Day 2021, San Sebastián (Spain) - video

> Launch of the Portuguese Strategy for Semiconductors
Ciência Viva, 2023, Lisbon (Portugal) - video


> LAGU (live) / nov 2021 / installation / Tabakalera, San Sebastián (Spain)
> LAGU (live) / mar 2024 / installation / EDIT Lisboa (Portugal)
A weather-controlled generative audio-visual system. Developed during a residency at Tabakalera within Summer Sessions 2021 program. The project was later exhibited in the Interaction Design Association IxDA Lisbon Conference 2024.

> LAGU / mar 2021 / javascript + sound
Generative audio system controlled by the weather. See the code here . I also gave a short talk about it at nanoGUNE's PhD workshop 2021.

> choices_irl / oct 2017 / video + sound
A story about the aftermath of a decision. Each phase of the process is represented by abstract figures that convey different moods. The individual shapes are geometrically unaltered, but suffer transformations and rotations to repeatedly reach new equilibrium states. Background glitching is dynamically connected to the soundtrack.

> Part of All / aug 2014 / sound
Collection of experiments from 2012-2014.

Last update: 29 April 2024