In the midst of a global pandemic, reality went through profound deformations. While the physical body was forced to stay indoors, the mind was moving at a remarkable speed, creating an unprecedent feeling of diffraction, where the self became fully detached from its location. The constant stream of news and (mis)information trapped us in a state of disorientation, which was normally sustained by added doses of similar media, inevitably leading to a never-ending search for fragments of a coherent reality.

LAGU is an endless audio-visual generative algorithm that creates an indoor experience by simulating the feeling of a location, allowing the viewer to halt and synchronize himself back with the physical world through virtual windows. It is designed to run forever without human input, following pre-established rules and being modulated in real-time by weather conditions. This generative nature allows the system to develop itself in unpredictable ways, with simple audio layers and visual commands overlapping each other to create new patterns and textures every single run.

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